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The Interior Mist- Seventh Heaven

$24.00 USD

Introducing the Interior Mist from PJ Fragrance: a universal linen and room spray that is body safe. Packaged in a 4 oz. reusable glass bottle, enhance your interior spaces with this high-quality mist, designed to elevate your home.

Transporting you back the 90s with Seventh Heaven. This heavenly blend of citrus, coconut, and sandalwood is perfect for the entire family to enjoy.

Scent notes: Citrus, Coconut, Sandalwood


Hand poured in Canada

Our PJ Fragrance line is Phthalate free, dye free, and meet the rigorous 'non-toxic' standard required by the state of California. Our wicks are 100% cotton core, containing zero amounts of lead. All products are free from all carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and other potentially hazardous chemicals.

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