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The Stevie Cashew- 20 x 20

$34.00 CAD

Everyone say hi to Stevie! *hi Stevie*

Stevie is our favourite little mullet! Okay not really a mullet but she's business in the front + the back is ready for a party. Stevie's front side is a gorgeous plush velvet and her back is complete with a performance linen. 

Our colouring from light to dark: cashew, sepia, tiramisu

Stevie comes in 20 x 20 and 14 x 48.

All of our covers are sewn with a carefully hidden, colour matched bottom zipper.

On our oversized lumbar and body pillows we've used an oversized zipper width for ease of adding your insert. Due to the oversized length of the zipper- have some patience zipping her up! You may require an extra helping hand.

We've created custom inserts for our SS23 pillow collection to ensure that the fit + fullness are just how we like it. For Charlie- we designed a beautiful combed cotton down insert. 

We highly recommend purchasing the cover + insert as a set from us to ensure the best fit. If you are only in the market for the cover, we are offering that option online only. We strongly recommend that the insert that you use is of similar quality to maintain the best presentation. 

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