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The Cloud Sack- Linen

$37.00 CAD

Introducing the Cloud Sack!

The Cloud Sack is a sleep sack made from organic muslin cotton with a luxurious gauze that keeps baby cozy, parents can now find a much needed good night's rest. From the cozy texture of a cloud to the dreamy feeling of a good night's sleep, this premium sleep sack is designed to provide the perfect balance of heaven and earth.

The Cloud Sack is designed with top snaps at the shoulders to make it easier on your little's shoulder and range of motion making your sleep routine effortless. We extended the width of the bags to ensure your littles legs have room for movement to promote proper development. The zipper is fully concealed along the outer seam to keep the zipper out of reach which is especially handy as your babe grows and becomes curious with how they work! Both the snaps + zipper are beautifully colour matched to match the organic cotton colouring. 

The Cloud Sack comes in 3 colours- lace (white), linen (beige) + camel and 3 sizes. 

We've included 2 different weights which is crucial for our ever changing Canadian weather. Our 1.0 tog is a lighter everyday sack, while our 2.5 tog is thicker for colder homes or climates! 

We acknowledge that all babes grow at a different rate so instead of creating our sizing based on age, we've labeled the sizing small-large. We recommend you confirming based on height! We recommend allowing for extra room at the bottom of the bag + sizing up to allow for growth if you are between sizing.

Small- 25" Medium- 29" Large- 39"


For reference our models ages are: 

Brynn- 6 weeks old, wearing size small.

Reese- 7 months old, wearing size medium. 

Gigi- 11 months old, wearing size medium. 

Parker- 2 years old, wearing size large. 

Hudson- 3 years old, wearing size large. 

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